If you do this for two days with glycerin, your face will glow

We all are familiar with glycerine but none of us know about the real benefits of glycerine. Glycerin is very helpful for our body beauty. Each of us uses various types of cosmetics for facial and body beauty. But instead of adding such chemicals, we can solve these problems by using glycerin. Pour two teaspoons of glycerin and rose water in a bowl and mix well.

Take a cotton cloth or cotton and dip it on your face and wipe it well. Then wash your face with lukewarm water. We can make face pack using glycerin. All we need is rice powder or peanut powder along with glycerin. Rice powder and glycerin can be mixed well and then clubbed on the face.

While scrubbing the face well for at least 5 minutes, the point to be noted is that it should be scrubbed upwards only. Later it can be washed off with water. A third method is to mix aloe vera gel and vitamin E capsule gel with glycerin, or simply break open the capsule and pour it out.

Aloe vera glycerine and vitamin E drops can be mixed well and then applied on the face. It should be done at night before going to sleep and then the next morning should be washed off. Charcoal can reduce all the problems like black spots on our face. It is very easy to use and it also gives good results. To know more, just watch the video below.