If you do this, the dandruff will go away in 2 days

There are very few people who do not have dandruff today. Most of the people are suffering from dandruff today. Different types of oils and treatments don’t get the desired results without getting rid of dandruff. There are many reasons for dandruff. The most common causes are children between the ages of 20 and 20. This is due to the difference in hormones.

Therefore, it is not the methods and oils to get rid of dandruff, but hormones. Allergies are another cause of dandruff. Therefore, if you have dandruff, you should do an IG blood test first. Through this, we can identify that dandruff is caused by allergies. About 80 percent of allergies are not external, but internal. This is often due to a lack of good bacteria.

For that purpose, foods containing good probiotics are included in the diet. The best thing is to eat yogurt as it contains a lot of probiotics. We can get probiotics from pickles, pickled gooseberries, and mangoes. If there are good bacteria in this type, most of the problems can be eliminated. Late bathing is another major cause of dandruff.

Late bathing makes the hair wet which leads to dandruff so avoid bathing late at night. People with thyroid are more likely to have dandruff. If you have thyroid, we can control dandruff by treating it. Dandruff is caused by many such diseases or causes. Dandruff can be reduced by finding a solution for this. Watch the video below to know more.