No matter how many times you brush, yellow teeth won’t go away? By doing this, the yellow stain of the teeth will be removed

Discoloration of teeth is common in people. Discoloration of teeth occurs due to many reasons. Discoloration of teeth causes many types of problems. Drinking too much tea and coffee is one reason for such discoloration. Another major cause is smoking, which is commonly seen in smokers with discolouration.

Also, there is a high chance that the color of the teeth will decrease when the teeth are not kept clean and not brushed. We also have such problems due to the use of certain drugs. Stains are classified into two types: extrinsic stain and intrinsic stain. By using Intrinsic stains are stains that occur inside the teeth. This one stain cannot be removed quickly.

This type of problem usually occurs when children between the ages of six and 12 get too much fluoride through food or water. Teeth have three layers. When these layers are not properly developed and there is any problem, many problems arise. First of all, what is the reason for it to have pimples or change color should be identified.

Keep the teeth clean and take special care while brushing. A better method is to see a dentist every six months and clean your teeth. Microabrasion is a method that can be done in a very short time. Tooth whitening can be done in two ways. The other is to cover the teeth called veneering. It will last longer if given. Try these ways. Just watch the video below to know more.