What are the problems caused by removing the uterus?

When women have to remove the uterus due to some problems due to some diseases, they have many doubts. This is called hystratemia. Some symptoms may appear after the hysterectomy. Arthritis is the main presenting symptom. This is due to the sudden variations in estrogen in our body. This leads to bone wear.

A hormone called ester is closely related to the metabolism of calcium and magnesium in our body. Some women who have had their hysterectomies experience very rapid shedding. It also shows other symptoms. Make me dry, have rice skin, make me drooling, which then turns into depression, problems with the urinary tract, which then turns into problems like urinary stones.

What needs to be done to change these problems is to increase the amount of these hormones as needed. Progesterone is not the only hormone that helps keep the Onam balance. Eating things like hemp seeds can help increase these hormones in the body. Eating more garlic can also help with hormone balance.

Apples and carrots are another substance that contains phytoestrogens. Eating carrot juice will help to get rid of dry skin. Include more fish in your diet. It is better to eat fish cooked in coconut milk. Eat more coconut. It is also good to reduce the amount of rice and millet. Give necessary vitamins. Pay attention to these things. Watch the video below to know more.