2 Home Remedies to Get Rid of Itching and Odor in Thighs, Private Areas

Itching is a common problem for many people. This kind of itching occurs mainly in the thighs and armpits. It is caused by a fungal infection. An important fungus spa is Katita. There are about twenty Katidams. Fungal infections in the body are most common in the mouth, vagina, breasts, etc. in women. Fungal infections are more common in obese people.

Itching is the main symptom of a fungal infection in the body and another major symptom is sugar cravings. The reason people with infections feel good about eating sugar is because sugar itself is said to be the best food for the gang. Therefore, diabetic patients are more likely to have it. Itching is caused by the toxins produced by the fungus as it grows.

Another symptom is a white coating. This causes severe fatigue due to the fungus sucking out important nutrients from the food we eat. One of the reasons for the increased incidence of stomach infections is the depletion of good bacteria. Home remedies can be made to reduce fungal and bacterial problems.

For this, take the bay leaf and grind itAdd two drops of petri oil to it. Apply it on the itchy or infected area. After 10 minutes wash off and apply coconut oil. Mix two drops of petri oil in another part of aloe vera gel and apply it twice a day. It is very good for reducing fungal and bacterial infections of the skin. Watch the video below to learn more

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