We can treat piles ourselves at home. These are the powders. Symptoms and Remedies

Piles are a problem that many people suffer from. But because of reluctance to speak out, not only does no one say it, it also delays treatment. It can also be seen in people who are overweight after pregnancy, whether it is hereditary or due to sitting for long periods of time. Symptoms of hemorrhoids include constipation.

small amounts of blood after stool, hard stools and some pain. If you have these symptoms, be sure that they are hemorrhoid symptoms. To prevent this from happening and to change it if it happens, do a proper bowel examination. For that, the main thing to do is to include plenty of fiber-rich foods in the diet.

Leafy greens, fruits and vegetables are rich in fiber and it is very good for health if you include it in your diet. Milk Milk Females should eat a lot of things like buttermilk. Another thing is to drink plenty of water. Constipation is likely to occur due to reduced water intake. Be careful while eating Chew your food. If you are a driver, when you have to drive for a long time, stop and get out and stay like that for a while. Another is lifestyle adjustments. Cut down on fast food, low fiber, and chicken. It should be reduced by those with piles.

At the first stage of piles we can fix it ourselves. Eating all kinds of pulses and eating salads can help reduce piles. Using buttermilk helps reduce piles. If it is painful, we can go back half way and put some salt in a water and sit on it. Another thing that can be done is to put aloe vera gel on a cloth and apply it in the form of a waste in the anus area. It is good to put an ice pack on the anus area. Eating engineering mix is good for piles. Note that it is good to drink plenty of warm water immediately after waking up in the morning. Watch the video below to learn more.