Are children constantly snoring? So definitely be careful with these things, they cause many side effects

Snoring is a sign of good sleep. But not all snoring is considered a sign of good sleep. Snoring in children is caused by the overgrowth and inflammation of the adenoid cells at the back of the nose. It is in this gland that the WBC cells of immunity up to two years of age are made. When it becomes progressively blocked.

there is an obstruction in breathing through the nose and thus snoring occurs. When the child breathes through the nose, it creates many side effects. Dry mouth, drooping of the jaw, change in shape and cause the teeth to come out. There is a possibility that the tube coming from the ear to the stem is blocked. The symptoms shown in such children are hearing loss, ear pain etc.

Other symptoms of this are persistent coughing from the nose etc. This is due to reasons like fast food diet, impure air environment, sudden change from cold to hot and from hot to cold. Thick blankets, dust, and pet dander can cause this type of build-up and cause the adenoids to prolapse. If the allergy is treated.

the adenoid will shrink and the problems will disappear. Nasal spray is given to treat allergies. It can be treated with a new innovative method called coblation or controlled ablation. The risk of pain and bleeding is very less. Such treatments are now available. Watch the video below to learn more