Things to keep in mind to prevent stroke

Most of the people today have many diseases and health problems. Stroke or paralysis is seen in more people today. Symptoms such as sudden weakness in the arms, blurred vision, and double vision are the main symptoms that precede a stroke. There are many types of blocks and the same is the treatment method and it is necessary to identify the symptoms and choose the appropriate treatment methods immediately. Through tests like CT scan, we can identify the stroke. Most of the time.

we can identify it through CT scan, but sometimes we need to do MRI scan. If strokes occur, they can be changed by drugs and some by surgery. Strokes caused by reduced blood flow are more common in people today. If they are small blocks, we can change them with drugs and treatment. People with diabetes are usually 3 times more likely to have a stroke. Treatment of such people can only be done by reducing diabetes. And those who are overweight, have high blood pressure, and those who use alcohol and smoke can only choose treatment according to this.

Smoking increases the risk of stroke in our body. There are many types of exercises that we can choose from. Physiotherapy, running and walking are not the only exercises, but solo therapy, voice therapy, and mirror therapy are very useful for those who have had a stroke. This can be reversed by adding some injections. Watch the video below to learn more.