Both of these are enough to completely reverse calcium deficiency

Calcium is one of the most essential elements in our body. Calcium is essential for our health. Apart from bones and teeth, calcium is also required for heart function. Due to calcium deficiency, we have many problems. Commonly, discoloration of teeth, sour taste, tooth decay etc. are all due to poor vision due to lack of calcium.

Similarly, muscle cramps in the legs and changes in the nails are all caused by calcium deficiency. One of the causes of uncontrolled BP is calcium depletion. Calcium deficiency is the main cause of various pains in the body. One of the most necessary elements in our body, but not only calcium, but also magnesium and vitamin D should be taken care of.

We see people with and without calcium eating normally. But taking pills like this every day is likely to cause us many other health problems. But we only need to make changes in our diet to get calcium. We can control calcium ourselves through proper diet. We can get calcium by eating curd butter, buttermilk, muthari, etc. in our diet.

Also, fish like crab, prawns and clams contain a lot of calcium. Also, drinking soups like mutton soup helps to increase calcium.We can increase calcium in a good way if we include these types of fish and vegetables in our diet. Calcium deficiency is not something to be taken lightly. Calcium, magnesium and vitamin D are very important in our body. Calcium can be increased very quickly by eating these types of foods. Watch the video below to know more.