Do you feel like urinating frequently? Note these things

Any problems with urination should be tested for inflammation of the prostate gland. Inflammation of the prostate gland puts pressure on the bladder from one side. This reduces the capacity of the bladder to store urine. This is the reason for the frequent urge to urinate. I have to urinate like this five or six times at night.

Sometimes they urinate before they reach the bathroom, some people urinate suddenly when they sneeze or cough. But even after emptying, some urine remains in the bladder. It seems that they themselves did not get full after pouring the mudra. There are exercises that can be done to reduce this.

What this means is to stop the urine while urinating and then urinate again. Muscle stimulation is helpful at this time. This is a method that not only helps people with this problem but also increases sexual stimulation and sexual performance. Do exercises to strengthen the bladder yet. Pay attention to these types of things.

And women also have similar problems. Both women and men hesitate to speak out. This should be recognized and changed. By doing ultrasound scanning, we can identify if there is prostate inflammation. By doing this before and after urinating, it is possible to identify whether the urine remains there. It is good to do exercises and stop urinating only once while urinating. Watch the video below to know more about it.