Does pressure affect sex? Know the truth

A number of people doubt whether BP patients can have sex. The answer is that a person whose blood pressure is controlled will not have problems having sex. But having sex while under pressure can be dangerous. A normal heart rate is 72 beats per minute, but it is closer to 130 during sexual intercourse.

Similarly, a person with a blood pressure of 120 may have a blood pressure of 170 at this time. In this condition it causes the blood vessels to burst. There is no problem in BP patients having sex if they take treasure pill daily, exercise daily and follow the doctor’s instructions accordingly.

Another question is whether pressure pills can affect sexual performance. It is likely to be affected. Because taking a pill like Atrenol which belongs to beta blockers taken for pressure can affect sexual health. If you are taking such pills, ask your doctor and explain clearly. Another pill is a diuretic pill. This causes testosterone to be present in the body but unable to be used. If this is told to the doctor, the doctor will prescribe alternative pills.

Some people get headaches when they take pills like Viagra and many people suspect that it is because of high blood pressure. But these pills reduce blood pressure, so there is no problem in taking it in the group of taking any blood pressure pills. For those who have more doubts about pressure and sex, visit the video below.