How to tell if chest pain is gas or an attack

Chest pain is often the cause of every doubt. There are many feelings like gas or attack. Is this clear? If there are symptoms such as a strong pain in the chest, a grip in the chest, feeling the pain in the hand, body sweating, it can be a sign of an attack and should be seen immediately. Chest pain can be caused by many diseases such as pneumonia.

Chest pain is usually accompanied by fever, cough and shortness of breath. If there are bone and joint related problems, there will be pain in the chest area. How do you understand this? The answer is chest pain when I have joint pains. This type of chest pain occurs when the muscles in the chest area feel sore and the muscles ache.

This happens when the position is not correct or people who lift too much weight. This causes us to have pain while doing the work or doing any movement. Stomach-related diseases also cause chest pain. Chest pain can occur when there is any kind of problem with the organs like the pancreas or any other problem.

It starts from the part and comes to the part. Also heartburn can be felt in acidity related problems. Another reason is psychological. Even if there are mental conflicts, if there are any mental pressures, this kind of chest pain occurs. This is called somatization. It may appear as pain on the outside but the cause may be psychological problems. Watch the video below to learn more.