Eat this in the afternoon to prevent migraines. Migraines can be reversed.

Headache is a major problem that is seen in people constantly. Migraine headache causes a lot of difficulties. It is said that the main reason of migraine is due to our intestinal problems. 60 to 70% of cases are due to viral causes and a small percentage due to stress and tension. By solving the problems in the digestive system, we can also solve the migraine headache.

There are two types of bacteria in the stomach, good and bad. Nowadays, the good bacteria decreases and the bad bacteria increases. This causes many diseases. By constantly taking many antibiotics, the good bacteria in our body decreases. To solve the intestinal problems, we can adjust our diet to some extent.

Minimize the intake of wheat from the diet and reduce the intake of grains like rice. It is good to eat a lot of fruits and cook vegetables. Adopt a proper diet if you eat 60 to 80% fruits and vegetables and only a small percentage of rice. Minimize the amount of flour as much as possible. It is good to eat things like yogurt with probiotics.

It is best to eat yogurt after lunch. Eating whole vegetables and fruits are good probiotics. It is. You should also choose foods that get the necessary vitamin D and B12. It is good to eat things like black cumin and asparagus. Also, it is very useful to include things like turmeric, ginger and garlic in the food. Migraine headaches can be cured with dietary modifications and a proper diet. To know more, just watch the video below.