Eat this in the morning and the stool will be smooth

Many people have the habit of looking for small solutions without telling anyone about digestive problems, but what needs to be done is to see a doctor immediately when digestive problems occur. The pus seen in the intestines will come out and the child will have small pustules in the rectal area. A fissure is a tear in the anus. Stretching occurs when passing stool.

A fistula is a condition in which stool does not pass. Fistula can be divided into two types. When there is only one connection it is called simple fistula and when there are more than one connection or more than one abscess it is called compound fistula. Surgery is the best option for this. But there is a possibility of recurrence.

This is why we need to make small changes in our lifestyle. This can completely eliminate such difficulties. We need good healthy bacteria in our gut. We get it naturally from foods like curd, (non-sour is better for health) paganganji, etc. You should eat greasy dishes like fish, banana, couscous, etc. Eating this way will give you better results. We can easily make it at home and eat it. If used in the right way, it will give a permanent solution. Foods like fast food that we eat is one of the reasons for this. Often this causes many problems.

By eating mostly salads and bran rice instead of regular cucumbers we can help reduce fistula piles. Going to bed early and getting up early will help the digestion to go well and clean. Exercise for an hour or at least half an hour every day. Mixing one teaspoon of honey, one teaspoon of ginger and juice in the morning will help the stool to pass properly. Watch the video below for more information.