Eat this one fruit and you will see reduction in all life style diseases

Most of the people today are suffering from many problems due to lifestyle diseases. Whether it is diet or lifestyle, many people are concerned about what food they can eat and what they should not eat. Often we are unable to eat our favorite foods after such diseases occur. But by eating the leaves of the mulberry plant.

we can control and reduce lifestyle diseases such as sugar cholesterol. Mulberry leaves are full of many health benefits. Silkworms use Mulberry leaves to make silk. Mulberry leaves contain a lot of proteins. Another feature of mulberry is that the mulberry plant can live for up to 60 years. Mulberry leaves can be eaten raw or cooked and it also has a good taste.

It is also a leaf that can be eaten by young children to the elderly alike. It is low in carbohydrates and helps in lowering cholesterol levels in our body. It helps in controlling fatty liver and lowers blood sugar and also helps in fighting the most dreaded cancer. Nowadays, graying of hair is seen more and more in the repair itself and we can prevent this by consuming.

mulberry leaves. Joint pains such as knee pain and period pain can be solved by eating this leaf. Hair growth can also be achieved by eating this leaf. Our body and hair are like silk by eating this leaf. After taking about 100 grams of leaves to make thoran, we need aramuri coconut, two garlic, three kanthari and five chives. It is best to make toran using Try eating mulberry leaves this way. To know more, watch the video below.