Hair loss can be easily reversed

Hair loss is very common nowadays. To prevent this we use many types of medicines and single herbs. But it doesn’t change the exact pattern. And because they contain many chemicals, they are harmful to us. There are many reasons for hair loss. We may inherit it. Similarly, hair loss is also caused by thyroid hormone imbalance.

People with PCOD also experience hair loss. Lack of protein, vitamins and iron in our body can also cause hair fall. Deficiency of nutrients like zinc and magnesium can also be the cause. Also, due to the tension and mental stress that we have, the chances of hair fall are very high. A sudden diet, surgery, taking certain medications, lack of sleep, coloring hair.

straightening hair, fear, etc. are all the causes of hair loss. But we can control hair fall to some extent. We just need to change our diet. Make sure to include protein-rich foods like milk, eggs, and meat in your diet. Also, pulses and vegetables containing vitamins should be included in the diet. Also eat whole grains that contain bran.

It is also good to eat fish such as crab, clams and clams. Eating leafy vegetables like cabbage and cauliflower helps a lot in preventing hair loss. Try to completely avoid foods like fast food that we eat for good hair health. With this kind of proper diet we can prevent hair loss. It also benefits our health. Watch the video below for more information.