How to make the right natural hair dye.

Today we see gray in many people regardless of age. We use many hair dyes and oils to blacken our hair. But the chemicals contained in these often cause other problems to our hair. We can turn gray hair into black at home. We can make a natural dye very easily. For this, two teaspoons of henna powder and one teaspoon.

Take coffee powder and a teaspoon of tea powder. Then mix it well. To this, juice half a beetroot well and pour the juice into the powders. Also, add half a glass of water to it and mix it well. Then this should be put in a bowl in the oven, stirred well and dried. When it is in the form of a dye, we can put it aside.

Then after three hours, it should be applied on the head only. After three hours, we can apply it on the head, trunk, mustache and all parts. It should be applied with a brush while applying it. It should be washed off only after two hours. We can wash it off with cold water. By doing this, the hair becomes a nice black color.

After doing this once, we can see that our gray hair will turn black. Since no chemicals are added, using this will not cause any other damage to us. Those who have gray hair should adopt this method to blacken their hair. It is also a method that is very easy to use and gives quick results. To know more, just watch the video below.