Is excessive hair growth bothering you? Choose these treatments..

Beard and mustache growth is common in women today. There are many reasons for excessive hair growth. Traditionally, if one of our parents has excessive hair growth in this way, it is likely to occur in others. Another important reason is hair growth due to the disease called PCOS. Taking certain medications can also cause us to have this type of hair growth.

PCOS is seen in more women and teenagers due to changing lifestyle and eating habits. Many people face a lot of mental difficulties due to this. When it happens in teenage children, this situation even affects their studies. When there is excessive growth in this kind of disease, we can do festivals. An ultrasound scan can be used to determine if there are any related.

reasons. Hormonal tests can also be done. There are two main methods of treating hyperplasia: temporary relief and permanent removal. By doing bleaching and threading shaving, we can temporarily solve it for a fortnight. But it will return to normal. This method can also cause other infections. Laser treatment is a treatment method that can completely eliminate hair growth. The laser light destroys the melanin that helps darken our hair and stops hair growth.

It does not change at once, but laser treatment should be done six times every four weeks. There are no other problems due to laser treatment. It is a very good treatment method for those with excessive hair growth. This treatment method helps to completely change the hair growth. The solution can be found by identifying the causes of hair growth and choosing the right treatment methods. Watch the video below to know more.