Just take it to relieve migraines.

Migraine headaches are a major problem that many people suffer from nowadays. In Malayalam it is called Chennikuth. One thing that causes a lot of trouble is sometimes not being able to sleep and not being able to lie down. Most people have pain on one side. Some people have stabbing pains on both sides and some in the back.

40 percent to 50 percent of headaches are hereditary. Another major cause is stomach problems. Some people get headaches as a side effect of gas if they don’t eat right away. This is a migraine headache. Acidity is created as the bad bacteria in the name are killed and it can cause migraine headaches.

Symptoms such as lightheadedness and blurred vision precede the onset of a headache. Some people are okay with falling asleep and some people are okay with vomiting. There are people who get headache while sleeping. Coffee, ice cream, and spicy foods are common triggers for headaches. Probiotics are foods that can be given to us to increase the good bacteria in the stomach. It is not necessary to take only probiotics to reduce headaches, but also to eat on time.

Foods and eating habits that cause gas should be avoided. Just eat any food that is sour in the stomach and you will get gas. People with allergies should avoid items like Chapati Porotta. Reduce the amount of rice, sugar and salt. Eating raw vegetables i.e. uncooked vegetables can increase such headaches. So cook vegetables. It is good to drink boiled water with nannari daily. It is good to use black cumin but it is best to take it under the doctor’s prescription. Watch the video below to learn more.