Can’t sleep at night? Know the cause and solution

Today is changing in many ways. Today our body and health are also affected mentally. Lack of sleep is a major problem faced by most people today.Getting the right kind of sleep is essential for one. People who have problems falling asleep after some time after lying down, those who wake up frequently even after sleeping, this problem occurs in various ways.

There are two types of problems, acute and chronic. It is a state of sleeplessness due to sudden mental problems or due to diseases like this. Insomnia lasting up to three months or longer is classified as chronic. Insomnia is seen this way in people with thyroid problems, taking certain medications, and those taking medications for diseases such as cancer.

Sleep deprivation is common in women during menopause, aging, and those with mental illnesses. Teenagers need about 10 hours of sleep, and others need about 6 to 7 hours of sleep. Our body and health can function properly only if we get this type of proper sleep. Taking a short walk in the evening and washing the body just before going to bed helps us to fall asleep quickly. The night food we eat should be eaten at least two hours before going to sleep. If the time of going to bed and the time of waking up are always at the same time.

this time will make us feel sleepy and the sleep will become so that we can wake up. Today, most people use devices like mobile phones even after lying down. But make sure to avoid TV and mobile for at least an hour before going to bed. It is better to turn off all the lights before going to sleep. By making the right changes, we can get good sleep and prevent mental and physical problems to some extent.