Phlegm and fever can be completely removed

Kaphakattu causes a lot of trouble in both children and adults. Weather is one reason but it is not the only reason for fever and phlegm. Due to infection, due to transmission from another person, due to children getting out of the house when there is no more expression, and due to catching diseases suddenly, it causes Kaphakattu to develop quickly.

Another important reason is said to be a decrease in immunity, but not only due to a decrease in immunity, there are such problems due to an increase in immunity. In this way, the body overreacts as soon as small germs reach our body. This causes sudden onset of fever and phlegm. The other causes are due to vitamin deficiency.

Vitamin D is a vitamin that is very necessary for the immune system and many other functions of the body. Today in Kerala, a large proportion of people are deficient in vitamin D. Even for children, since they don’t go out and interact less, they also get less exposure to the sun. Such problems also occur due to deficiency of vitamin C.

Guava is good to eat. Eating one gooseberry a day will help you get plenty of vitamins. Include peanuts and lentils in your diet. It has a lot of zinc and is a very essential ingredient. Eating it sprouted will give you more benefits. Include more vegetables. Reduce consumption of dairy products. The first step is to improve the health of the stomach. Pay attention to these things. Watch the video below for more information.