Got a rash on your feet? That would be a sign of this.

Things like foot rash are known by many names. Despite taking medication, some people try to change without taking medication instead of examining why they are taking it or not paying attention. There is a condition of not even knowing that the injury has been done. All the time there is this graininess. This can cause peripheral neuropathy.

This may be due to problems with our neurons. An important neuron in this is the autonomic neuron. The autonomic neuron has a great role in controlling many important functions in our body. Neuropathy is more common in diabetics. The main symptoms of neuropathic pain are swelling in the hand. Also, their limbs are in a state of preservation.

There is a situation where you can’t even hold a thing or you can’t put buttons. Feet are always irritated. The rash first appears on the big toe. It then moves up to the knee and then into the arms. Any type of neuron damage that can occur in peripheral neuropathy can sometimes be sensory neurons.

When the sensing neuron is affected we may lose touch and other sensors may not work. When the motor neurons are affected, weakness occurs first. Unable to stand and falls while standing, there is a risk of damage to the nail itself, itching, ulceration, closing the eyes while washing the face and turning the head while washing the face. Stomach discomfort and many other problems like diarrhea and flatulence. Watch the video below to know more.