The solution is easy if you know the causes of warts and warts

Everyone is facing various types of physical difficulties. Warts are also known by other names like warts and warts. Warts are a viral disease. It is usually in people with weak immunity that these viruses enter quickly and cause difficulties. The cause of warts is HPV, a virus of the human papillomavirus type. We choose many methods to prevent such problems.

Sometimes we cut off warts and apply creams, which make it more difficult and cause bleeding. It is mostly seen on the neck and fingers. But we can easily eliminate it ourselves. It is mostly seen in young children. This is a tip that will give you results in a day using your daily household items. Take one teaspoon of paste in a bowl.

It doesn’t matter which one you use. After putting the paste, add one teaspoon of baking soda to it and add one teaspoon of castor oil. Then mix it well and make a paste. Then apply it on the wart area. After applying it put a cotton cloth over it and stick it with a plaster over it. We have to apply it and stick it at night.

In the morning it can be removed. In the morning You can see that the warts go away as soon as they are removed. The warts go away completely within a day. Warts or nail disease is also a contagious disease. People who have this disease can also spread this disease by using used towels and sandals. If the warts are like palunni, then by paying attention to these things and choosing this method, the warts can be completely removed. To know more, watch the video below.