Do you have mood swings? Can’t concentrate? Be aware of the problems of Zibo.

If our digestion is not running properly, the problems that arise are not minor. Cibo is an overgrowth of bacteria in the small intestine. Although the bacteria in the small intestine are beneficial, their overgrowth is not good for the body. One cause of small intestinal bacterial overgrowth is bacteria from the mouth or throat entering the stomach.

Another reason is that the bacteria in our small intestine come to the top. Cibo is a major cause of digestive problems. But non-digestive problems can also occur due to Cibo. Fatigue is one of them. Cibo can cause feeling very tired after eating. Frequent mood swings are associated with sibo. This is because the cause of our happy hormone is the good bacteria.

in the body. But increasing the amount of bad bacteria instead of good bacteria decreases the happy hormone serotonin in the body and causes occasional mood swings. This also causes a condition called brain fog. Zibo is a major cause of our mental conflicts. The ability to analyze things clearly decreases.

And the increase of this type of bacteria and the decrease of good bacteria in the body can affect the liver in a significant way. Another thing proven by new studies is that cibo causes hypothyroidism. So understand that this kind of change in the digestive system affects us physically and mentally. There are physical problems. Likewise, our mental health is to some extent caused by Cibo. To make sure that we are getting the right amount of damage, we need to follow the right steps. Watch the video below to know more.