This is the most important thing to keep in mind while vaping to avoid sinusitis problem completely

Sinusitis is a common condition in many people, and it is a swelling in the head. The sinuses are air-filled cavities in the head. Sinusitis is the inflammation that occurs in it. The sinuses help in balancing the weight of the head, amplifying the voice and keeping the air moist in the breath. Mucus from the wall of the sinus goes out through the nose.

But due to some reason, sinusitis is caused by this phlegm not coming out. There are two sinuses on the forehead in the eyebrow area and around the eyes on both sides and inside the skull. Depending on the block or information coming to the sinuses, the disease symptoms that we have will also change.

Constant cold and phlegm, sneezing that doesn’t stop immediately after waking up in the morning, feeling heavy in the head when bending down, pain in the forehead and nose and continuous headache etc. At the beginning of sinusitis, if the headache is like a cold, then it is like an earache. Sore throat, sore throat, headache after being in the sun, not being able to identify the smell well, and not knowing the taste of food can be caused by sinusitis. People with dust in the nose, smoking, allergies and acidity can have sinusitis.

If it is caused by acidity, we can reduce it by reducing the acidity. It is possible. Sinusitis changes by identifying and reducing the cause of allergies if people have allergies. Most people put Vicks on while vaping. This is a wrong method. While steaming, try inhaling the steam through your nose and exhaling through your mouth. Crushing two or three cloves of garlic while steaming will help loosen phlegm. Avoid eating too many spicy foods and fast food sweets. Eat foods rich in fiber and vitamins. Watch the video below to learn more.