Uric acid can be kept normal. Just know this

Uric acid is one of the many diseases that cause us due to lifestyle changes and differences in diet. Such uric acid related problems are more common in men. Pain in the stomach when waking up in the morning, pain when walking are all symptoms of increased uric acid. If any of the parents have uric acid in their parents, there is a chance of this happening to others.

There is There is a possibility of having uric acid even if you have kidney related diseases. Uric acid problems are common in people who are overweight, postmenopausal women, people who eat foods high in yeast, and people who smoke and drink alcohol. Uric acid problems are classified into four stages. If a lot has happened to the bones and so on, if the pain does not go away.

even after some time, it may be due to uric acid. Such problems are seen in stage one. We can get uric acid by eating fish like crab, shrimp and clams. Taking certain medications can also cause us to have uric acid. There are many reasons for uric acid in our body. We can identify it by doing a serum uric acid test.

Redmit shell fish such as pork, beef, mutton, crab, crab and shrimp should be reduced from the diet. Spinach and lentil should be eaten less. Minimize fast food, oily snacks and bakery sweets. Drink plenty of water. Fruits like sour lemon and musambi pomegranate are very good. It is good to include ginger and turmeric in the diet. To know more, just watch the video below.