What is the first thing to do if bitten by a snake? Don’t miss this

We don’t know exactly what to do when bitten by a snake. Four species of snakes are the main cause of death. Cobra and Vellikattan or Shankuvarayan are two of the most venomous snakes. If we are bitten by a snake, we often do wrong things. We often make a wound in the place of the snake bite and drain the blood.

This is a very wrong way. Similarly, we take the blood from those parts and remove the cap. This should not be done. Basically what we do in case of a snake bite is to tie it tightly with a cloth. But this method is also wrong. In addition, it is usually done by putting ice blocks and cold water. This is the wrong way.

Immediately after a snake bite, what we should do is to wash the bitten area well with soap or something else. Then, if the snake bit the leg, tie it to the leg with a scale or a stick and make it immobile. Then you should seek treatment as soon as possible. As soon as the snake bite is tied up in this way.

we can escape to a certain extent by immediately reaching the hospital and seeking treatment. If someone is bitten by a snake, what we should do is not to tie the leg with a cloth or take the blood with our mouth and spit it out, but we should wash it well with soap and tie the leg with a stick or scale and seek treatment as soon as possible. By doing this, we can save ourselves. A person bitten by a snake should be taken away. By paying attention to these things, we can find the solution. Always pay attention to these things. To know more, just watch the video below.