This is enough to reduce creatinine

It occurs due to the increase of creatinine in the blood. Creatinine levels in the blood can be elevated for many reasons. Due to high blood pressure, creatine levels may increase in diabetics. This is because the kidneys filter through a filter called the glomerulus. When blood glucose levels rise, glucose cannot be filtered through it.

Kidneys fail to function properly. Age is also a factor that affects creatinine levels. And in adolescent peopleIn this way, the amount of creatine can be seen to increase. This is because many people work out. There are people who take protein diet for body building or take protein powder while working out and going to the gym.

Creatine is a protein breakdown product. When creatine increases, so does creatine, a waste product. The absence of any symptoms is undiagnosed. Creatinine levels may be elevated if there is a blockage in the urinary tract, such as a urinary stone. Obesity is also a cause. Tradition is also a factor. Creatine increases when you eat more carbohydrates.

If this is the case, the glucose levels will be higher in those who have diabetes. Then again when you eat a carbohydrate rich food it causes creatine to increase. Those who drink alcohol should reduce it and reduce smoking. Those who take protein powder should reduce it. There is no need to completely stop eating pulses, just eat less and cook them. And protein from vegetables like leafy greens is good. Include more of it in your diet. Capsicum is a good substance. Cut back on bakery treats. Watch the video below to know more.