Lifestyle diseases can be completely eradicated from life. If you know these things

We can see problems related to our lifestyle. Kerala has the highest number of drug users in India. This is due to taking medicine for lifestyle diseases as well. If you don’t gain weight in a small way, sugar decreases and you get shortness of breath, cholesterol increases, and fatty liver decreases. But taking medicine is not enough.

It is advisable to take the necessary medicine. But the main thing to do is to change our lifestyle only if lifestyle diseases can be changed. If people with diabetes take antidiabetic medicine, only the sugar will decrease and other problems will occur as well. Foot pain, arm pain, rash etc. do not go away.

Some people may have normal sugar but suddenly feel very tired and unable to work. Why is this because we take medicine which only controls the disease. Does not change completely. The main reason for various body is eating rice well. But by avoiding rice, we get energy from other substances. If we eat bananas and two eggs in the morning, fish curry.

banana pulp and other vegetables in the afternoon at around 11 o’clock, and eat chicken and salad at night, we will get all the nutrients and energy we normally need for a day. In this way, the best way to change lifestyle diseases is to understand the characteristics of each person and make lifestyle changes and exercise accordingly. Watch the video below to know more about it.