People with this problem should not eat curd

Yogurt is commonly used by most of us. It contains a lot of vitamins like vitamin C, vitamin D2, vitamin B1, etc. Also, we get all the magnesium, calcium and potassium we need by eating yogurt. The vitamin C contained in it also helps in controlling. It helps to reduce the bad cholesterol in our body by increasing the good cholesterol.

Weight loss can also be achieved by eating regularly. Yoghurt is very good for bone and teeth health as it contains calcium. Consuming it regularly can also reduce obesity. Yogurt is a very good food for heart health and can reduce complications due to blood pressure. It is also good for vaginal infections in women. It is a good probiotic.

Our body has both good and bad bacteria and we need the good bacteria. Eating curd reduces bad bacteria and increases good bacteria. Regular consumption of curd is good for rectal diseases and piles. Yogurt is very good for many such health problems and difficulties. Yogurt can be consumed to get good energy and get rid of fatigue.

Eating too much sour curd is not good. It can cause heartburn in some people. If you are allergic to gas while consuming milk, you may find it difficult to eat yogurt. People with hyperacidity should not consume excessively sour curd continuously. More unfermented curd can be used. Excess intake of curd should be reduced during colds, sneezing and fever. Incorporating curd in the diet is very beneficial. Watch the video below to know more.