Problems caused by obesity

Obesity is becoming increasingly common among young children, regardless of age. Today most of the people are overweight or obese due to changing lifestyle and eating habits. Overweight causes many health problems. The ratio between a person’s height and thickness is said to be 100 minus the normal weight of an average person.

If it is more than that, then he is said to be obese. Obesity should be recognized by understanding height and body weight. Today, most people eat and sit without wasting energy. This is the main cause of diseases and problems in our body. People who go to bed immediately after eating or do not engage in any activities. This is a very wrong method. By choosing the right type of exercise, we can reduce these types of problems to some extent. It is mandatory to exercise at least five days a week.

The increase in the amount of starchy carbohydrates in the food we eat is not only a major cause of obesity but also a major cause of disease. Obesity can occur even if one of the parents is overweight. Also, excessive consumption of fast food, bakery, sweets and oily snacks leads to obesity. Another reason for obesity is not eating at the right time. It is very important to have the morning meal early in the morning and adjust the diet. It is important to chew the food while eating.

Fatty liver, heart disease, diabetes, PCOD can also cause obesity. People with thyroid-related conditions like hyperthyroidism are also overweight. People who are overweight suffer from many types of problems like wheezing, snoring, knee pain even after walking a short distance. We should pay attention to eat foods that contain vitamins and minerals that our body needs. Varicose veins and rheumatic diseases are caused by obesity. Proper sleep and water are very important for our body. can reduce