These are the foods that prevent creatine build-up

Creatine is a substance that is necessary for the health of our muscles. But creatinine is something we don’t need at all. Creatinine is a waste product that is created when the protein we eat breaks down, along with urea. It is excreted through the kidneys. When there are any kidney problems we are likely to have high creatinine.

Elevated creatine levels are also seen in people with diseases and people with diabetes usually have elevated creatinine. Creatine levels are often seen in young people regardless of age. Because today more young people are doing body building and they mostly consume protein powder. This is the main reason for the increase in creatinine. Creatine is formed by breaking down protein. Elevated creatine levels can occur with or without a kidney infection. Even if there is some type of blockage in the bladder, the level can be increased.

It can also be increased by taking any type of medication for a few days. People who are taking treatment methods like chemo also increase the creatinine. Obesity is another major cause. We can control our creatine levels to some extent. For this it is mandatory to check the level of creatine in our blood first. After understanding how much is too much, the correct treatment methods should be chosen. It is necessary to adopt a proper diet as prescribed by the doctor. Generally, those who are likely to increase the amount can take precautions.

Eating too many starchy foods is the main reason why we have these kinds of problems. It is necessary to reduce the amount of starch in the diet and do the tests. If you drink alcohol, it is best to avoid it completely. The risk of these types of health problems is also high due to alcohol consumption and smoking. Protein powder is commonly used more by gym goers so reduce the amount to use it. Include plenty of vegetables and leafy greens in your diet. Eating capsicum is very good. When using rice, use bran rice and include plenty of vegetables in the diet. Watch the video below to know more.